Taste and see that the Lord is good. [Psalm 34:8]

discovering our place at the table

We believe that the best way to represent our God — who is himself the loving community of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — is by being a loving community ourselves. Therefore, central to who we are is shared meals in each one of our missional communities and when we gather for worship. Every time we get together, we sit down to a leisurely meal. There's no rush. There's no agenda. All there is is the sharing of our lives over good food.

Here are the four legs of The Table.

we are the hungry.

We must be nourished. And not just by three score a day, but by the Word of God, for we cannot live by bread alone. Because of this, like all Christian communities, we gather around the Word of God, seeking to hear what he has to say to us. Just as Jesus commissioned us to do, we teach one another to obey everything he has commanded us.

WE live in a hungry world.

So, we go from our table to those of others, serving and feeding others, body and soul. Others are hungry for God, so we seek to introduce them to Jesus. Others are just plain hungry, so we’ve partnered with a local transitional housing ministry and have cooked and served meals to people coming out of homelessness.

WE ARE starved for communion with God.

 So, we gather at the Lord’s Table to eat and drink of him. Rather than just an occasional observance, we put the Lord’s Table in a central place in our worship together. If, as the Westminster Confession (29:7) suggests, Jesus is “really, but spiritually, present” in the bread and the cup, then why wouldn’t we eat at drink of him as often as possible?

WE ARE thirsty for community with one another.

After all of the “good” verdicts of the creation story, we read that it is “not good” for the man to be alone. Too often, the way we do church is too quick and too programmed for real community to take place. As Alan Hirsch says, the recipe for community is not just frequency and proximity, but spontaneity as well. Without spontaneity, we run the risk of “treating people like a fast-food meal over which [we’re] too busy to pray” (Ps. 14:4, The Message). So, as mentioned above, we eat a leisurely meal together every time we gather in our missional communities.